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Video of full dome projection prototype

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

A video demonstration of full dome projection on our prototype inflatable 3.5m dome. We are projecting a live audiovisual interactive 3d scene from within Unity3d in realtime. The footage of the outside of the dome is shot with a regular camera, footage from inside the dome is shot using a fisheye lens – it is very difficult to show the immersive quality of full-dome projection via a video. The soundtrack is also streaming in realtime from within the 3d world, but we have overdubbed it on the video for audibility. The dome, all audiovisual assets and the projection system itself created by SquareTangle 2009.

Watch the video:

FMODUnity plugin released

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

John McCormick has finished the FMOD plugin for Unity, and we are releasing it open source. The plugin allows sound designers to use the FMOD designer to create interactive audio for Unity projects. FMOD is a library and toolkit for the creation and playback of interactive audio, widely used in the games industry. Unity is a multiplatform game development tool. The plugin works in the “indie” and “pro” versions of Unity on both Mac and Windows. You can download the plugin from our FMODUnity Plugin page. It is released under the MIT open source license, which allows anybody to use and/or modify the software without restriction. We hope the wider community benefits from this plugin. If anyone has any questions, comments or feedback please leave them in the comments of this post. If demand is sufficient, we’ll set up a dedicated forum, but in the meantime, this should suffice.