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Announcing the SquareTangle Connections Residency!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

We are very pleased to announce the start of the Australia Council Inter-Arts funded Connections Residency of John McCormick and Adam Nash as Artists in Residence at Hidden Cove Solutions in Melbourne, Australia. For full details of the project, please see the Connections page. Briefly, John (an artist who specialises in motion capture integration into realtime 3D environments for contemporary dance) and Adam (an artist who specialises in realtime 3D envrionments as audiovisual performance platforms) are working with Nicole Lawther (producer at SquareTangle), Charles Kong (programmer at Hidden Cove) and Vivek Aiyer (Director at Hidden Cove) to develop a software system to seamlessly integrate data capture into virtual environments.

In practice, we are devising an immersive audiovisual show to stage in our portable dome. Part of the process is devising a system that allows us to do “full-dome” projections of realtime 3D environments i real time, to allow us to improvise live with artificial entities in persistent emergently evolving virtual environments. The medium term aim is to take a full immersive dome show on a tour of regional Australian centres in 2010.

We have settled on the name SquareTangle (suggested by Adam’s very talented son Yue Yamanaka-Nash), which we feel represents the spirit of the project, which is a synthesis of the precise world of digital media with the messy world of art.

We will use this blog to document the process in as much detail as possible. It is our hope that our research and experimentation will benefit the wider artistic and digital media community, and to that aim we will be releasing Open Sournce as much of our output as possible. Feel free to contact us anytime on <info at squaretangle dot com>.